Hello 👋️ I’m Jessica,
NYC based 
Product Designer and Creative Technologist

I solve problems through product building and management with my interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice which involves computing, design, art, and business. 

👾 tech         💭 design                🎮 media             💸 business

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I bridge the gap between product and experience design.

My work is at the intersection of emering media and purposeful applications. 

Design + Tech 

Portfolio‚ 2020-2022

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Creative Director 
January 2024

Subject Matter Expert 
Organizational Design for Digital Transformation

Organizational Design for Digital Transformation online course by Cambridge Judge Business School, Executive Education
Jun-Sep 2023
Client: University of Cambridge - Judge Business School
thru Emeritus 

Role: Organizational Design for Digital Transformation Consultant
Social Return

Digital Strategy
Product Design
Design Thinking

Scroll through the slides for the excutive summary, perception on digital disruption, value proposition,  execution plan, digital value creation, market assessment, and methodology.
Jan-Mar 2017


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