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Product Designer and Creative Technologist

I solve problems through product building and management with my interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice which involves computing, design, art, and business. 

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I bridge the gap between product and experience design.

My work is at the intersection of emering media and purposeful applications. 

Design + Tech 
A Matchbox Dream

Immersive experience
Projection mapping
Interaction design

Apr - May 2021
‘A Matchbox Dream’ immersive experience lies somewhere between dreams and reality. Intense and colorful visuals portraying the vivid dreams one gets, with the possibility of staying in the moment by interacting with the surrounding environment through touching surfaces that activate light and sound. Entering a space of dream and reality immerses the participant in the built environment and set design elements.

Spring 2021
Created for MFA DT projection mapping studio

Installation Description

The installation is a depiction of the in-between space between dream and reality. The aim is to have the participant immersed in the dreamscape while experiencing reality through physical elements (interactive sculpture, headpiece, interactive frame, hologram window). The physical elements are interactive, further playing on the duality of the real and the virtual.


This projection focuses on 3 main elements:
Projected visuals
Interactive objects/surfaces
Physical set design

Interactive Objects:
Art piece

Worked with Bare Conductive Arduino MP3 Touch Board, conductive paint,copper wires sticker, mesh textile, white spray paint, and silver colored paper, boxes, paper printouts, other set design elements such as a long mirror, peacock feathers, and rose gold decorative curtain. Added a headpiece used on top of a styrofoam head which serves as a face.

Created a big 3 dimensional sculpture to give the space more life and depth.

Using the MIDI Bare conductive for interactivity and initiating color changes and animation. By touching a surface, it will activate a light trigger through madmapper. In addition, sounds through the microphone trigger animation on a white surface, using Mad mapper. 
I designed and printed out directive notes for the user to “Touch Here” and “Explore”. Positioned them beside trigger touch points.

Including a 3D element in the space, a sculpture I created and added my ‘Future Earth - 2019’ headpiece on top of it. The headpiece contains built in light. The sculpture has an extension spot in front of it, which is connected to an arduino touch board which is in turn connected to MadMapper and causes an animation to play on the styrofoam head.

I also created 2 touch spots on a frame and hung it up on the wall. Touching any of the 2 black painted circles will in turn cause a flowy animation to begin playing inside the frame. 

As for the art piece, an animation plays on its surface when speaking into the microphone.

I used 6 originally created animations.

Hologram on the window using mesh.

I created all my animation assets on After Effects. Used bright, warm colors: yellow, orange, blue, pink, red, and green.


Projection mapping immersive installation with interactive elements.

Installation plan

Tech diagram

Equipment list

  • BenQ Projector x1 (3200 ANSI Lumen High brightness and 13,000:1 High Contrast)
  • Bare Conductive MP3 Touch Board x1
  • Mesh screen
  • Copper wire tape
  • Conductive paint
  • Shure SM58 Microphone - USB cable
  • Speaker - Amazon Echo
  • Laptop
  • Ambient light x1
  • Medium projector tripod
  • Lightning to HDMI adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • Micro Usb 2.0 to USB cable
  • Cable connectors
  • Pro Sony camera
  • Iphone camera
  • Go pro camera
  • Samsung phone camera
  • Phone tripods x2

Set Design

  • Own creation headpiece - Future Earth 2019
  • Styrofoam head
  • Peacock Feathers
  • Wall frame
  • Decorative Silver paper
  • Boxes
  • Crepe paper
  • Rose Gold Decorative Curtain
  • White medium box
  • Printouts / White paper
  • White spray paint
  • White sheets x2

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