Hello 👋️ I’m Jessica, a NYC based, multi-disciplinary 

Designer, Creative Technologist and Innovation Manager

I bridge the gap between product/experience design and product/experience management 
I am an
emerging technology advisor and my work is at the intersection of emering tech and media 

👾 tech         💭 design                🎮 media             💸 business

Select Projects 

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Design + Tech 
My process integrates:
  1. Lean management
  2. Design thinking
  3. Emerging technology
  4. Story (telling)-doing
  5. Ethical design
  6. Interdisciplinary & transdisciplinary approach
  7. Product management/building

With a focus on human centered design, I’m onto my next role as an innovation manager or designer, designing systems and inclusive community platforms. Working on research and development in inter-disciplinary settings, prototyping, experimenting, and building.  
Being a creative technologist practicing human computer interaction in digital and hardware products, image machine learning, and physical computing. Working in and advancing FinTech, HealthTech, CameraTech, and Web3.0 industries excites me;

I bring value to building products and designing systems with emerging tech and latest business models.
I have experience working with tech startups, innovation programs, digital and media products, and entrepreneurship.
I use human and user centric approaches, understanding user behaviour and needs and problem solving for them.

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