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Product Designer and Creative Technologist

I solve problems through product building and management with my interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice which involves computing, design, art, and business. 

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I bridge the gap between product and experience design.

My work is at the intersection of emering media and purposeful applications. 

Design + Tech 
Trading Shades

Product Design
Design Thinking

Nov - Dec 2020
Trading Shades addresses the unmet need of getting rid of an unwanted pair of sunglasses for another, without any financial transaction. Give and take, just like the old days. It is a platform (web or mobile app) for individuals who own shades (sunglasses), which will be swapped through our platform.


The global long-term financial problems require a strategic approach to finding solutions.                          
Trading Shades' primary target users are fashion enthusiasts especially in the LGBTQ community, with a sustainability-focused mindset, who cannot afford to pay for high-end fashion on the regular. Once you own a pair of high-end sunglasses brand, you have the opportunity to trade it for another pair worth the same value of the one you own. This promotes sustainable consumption of fashion. We need to be more conscious of our buying and disposal habits. Swapping is a fair mode of exchanging goods, and allows for a circular economy to flourish.                           

I'm interested in further developing this concept which requires deeper research and stakeholder development. In addition, co-designing with the target community through further research, iteration, and user testing.                                                               

This project is one of several that taught me the importance of process in designing a product. It’s also a great exercise of learning when to let go of certain ideas.                                           
ethRill App

Product Design

ethRill app translates offline actions into online value within digital platforms by allowing users to form digital assets out of their offline activities, which get stored on their crypto wallet. What is an online/offline relation that is beneficial to the participant? How can web3 be translated in such a way that more people have access to what it means, how it manifests, and what the possibilities are?

Jan - May 2022



I explored the Web3 movement: what it stood for, the opportunities it presented, and the decentralized nature of this next era of the internet. I became more deeply interested in how to bring the exploration of online to offline interactions into the possibilities of Web3. This is where ethRill interface was born.
I arrived at this place after a generative process that involved research, experimentation, secondary interviews, prototyping, and user testing.
When I first started working on ethRill, I set out to build parts of the interface and to potentially deploy it on the blockchain. It started by creating a user experience prototype, with Figma, showing what the interface could look like. And coded an interaction with an output in p5.js. This helped better understand what I wanted out of the interface: such as deciding to have the interface to be a translation of offline behavior whereby the behavioral data gets written on the blockchain and thus earns the participant a virtual token or digital asset. Besides earning a virtual token, a key element is having the behavioral data written on the person’s wallet on the blockchain which means: they own their own data.
I then decided that a more effective approach would be to demonstrate the way the interface will work through an offline experience. The reason why I took this approach is because Web3 is a growing movement that is not fully matured and not yet accessible, nor understood by everyone. I did a reddit survey to gauge the adoption & understanding of blockchain and metaverse concepts. The findings showed that understanding how it works was a key missing element.

Testing demo

This demo was a form of speculative demo, where the participant is experiencing the explanation of the interface, or rather, experiencing a possibility.

ethRill Identity Upgrade

Product Design

This design follows the core rubric of the Web3 aesthetic of the block. 
Brand identity, logo, and visual identity animation video developed using Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Spring 2022


I'm proud of creating ethRill, a project which I designed from from 0-1. The goal was to create a remarkable project to be my masters thesis, hence my decision was to build an interactive prototype with physical computing and a digital app interface. I was able to accomplish this in 4 months with an MVP and launched it at a public event where users tried it out and really enjoyed it! The overflow of folks excited to play my game is a step forward in validating my proof of concept.

Game Cards 


Designing custom cards for ‘ The Metagame’ expansion card game. I created both culture cards and opinion cards about IoT and ML/AI topics following in-depth research to find interesting relevant data points to add to the cards in the form of concise fun facts which relate to topics I'm passionate about.
Creating these game cards is part-taking in how history is perceived and creating fun experiences through gameplay.  

July 2021

IoT Card Stack

Machine Learning - AI Card Stack

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